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Blueline Auto Centre was established in 2012 and provides vehicle-repair, sales and post-sale support services to individuals and fleet managers in and around the Winnipeg area. Because our hours of operation are one of the longest in the city, we are available to serve you at your convenience; we provide a towing service for disabled vehicles. If you are searching for a particular vehicle and would rather have professionals search and purchase for you, we provide a “vehicle search and purchase” service for vehicles available at public auction.

We are are a Manitoba Certified Safety Inspection Centre.

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Our vehicles are strictly selected, with a reduced mileage and usually less than 4 years, confirmed by the maintenance book.this channel features a large range of used vehicles for sale

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bluelineautocentre is an online platform dedicated to the sale of used car previously object of Full Service Leasing contracts. bluelineautocentre offers unique advantages for professional dealers

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Which cars interest you? We’ll highlight the differences to help you choose.

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